Author & director (in English) of The Servant Wife, an adaptation of the opera La Serva Padrona (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi) in Cardiff (Wales) and Leytonstone (London).

Four masterclasses on screenwriting between 16 and 20 May 2016 in the Dostoevsky library in Moscow, Russia.


Format developer and storyliner (in Russian) for Oderzhimye (The Possessed), a 24-episode drama series by AVK Production in Moscow, Russia.

Dramaturg for Small Hands in World War Two, an eight-episode docudrama for youth by Looks Film & TV (Berlijn/Leipzig) for SWR and BBC/MG Alba.

Author & director (in German) of Generation of Change (part II), a 90-minute documentary about the former Soviet States by Looks Film & TV (Berlin/Leipzig) for MDR and ARTE Germany & France.


Father, Mother, Hitler

No feature movie could be better, more gripping and fascinating

Julia Frick

Awards & Nominations

A real gem of historical cinema on a level, that is seldom reached on German television

Hendrik Steinkuhl

(Osnabrücker Zeitung)

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