Father, Mother, Hitler


Vater, Mutter, Hitler (Father, Mother, Hitler) is a 90-minute German docudrama about the influence of Adolf Hitler on the lives of four widely different persons, that have recorderd their deepest thoughts in diaries. A SS criminal, a Jewish war hero, a lifesaver and a working-class woman describe key events that are reenacted in dramatic scenes. Their children or grandchildren tell in compelling interviews, how the past has influenced their youth and adult lifes.

To watch this documentary is not a recommendation, it's an order.

Julia Frick

Vater, Mutter, Hitler

Videoclip of the docudrama Father, Mother, Hitler. Daughter Gisela is only allowed to join the League of German Girls, if her parents sign a declaration of Aryan origin, but according to the new racial laws her father Fredy is Jewish, whether he agrees with that or not.

Hitler is the greatest statesman of German history!
Vater, Mutter, Hitler

Videoclip from the docudrama Father, Mother, Hitler. After the German defeat of France, Ida Timmer thinks the war is over and her friend Franz will stay with her.

To them we're already dead and buried!
Vater, Mutter, Hitler

Videoclip from the docudrama Father, Mother, Hitler. After surviving the umpteenth bombardment of Hamburg, the jewish family Solmitz is stuck in the cellar of their house and hope that others will come to rescue them.

The result is an extraordinary documentary, thrilling, instructive and multilayered

Alina Schwermer


No feature movie could be better, more gripping and fascinating

Julia Frick



Maarten van der Duin


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