I thought this was a love story
La Zingaretta


La Zingaretta (sometimes: La Zingara or La Zingarella) is an almost forgotten intermezzo written in 1731 by the Italian composer Leonardo Leo. The recitativos of this comic opera with a tragic ending were rewritten by Maarten van der Duin into drama scenes in English, which created a whole new story. The opera was produced by Stephen Ellery and Lukasz Biela and performed in Summer 2017 with the London Gala Orchestra in Cardiff (Wales) and at festivals in Leytonstone (London), Buxton (Derbyshire) and Frome (Somerset). Gypsy Lisetta can't stand her intended lover Riccardo and therefore opera leader Valentino has to sacrifice himself to save the production.

The strength of my charm keeps amazing me
La Zingaretta

Videoclip of a rehearsal for the opera La Zingarella. The gypsy girl Lisetta doesn't want to have anything to do with her co-star Riccardo, who was supposed to be her lover in the opera.

I'll break his fingers, if he lays his hands on me
La Zingaretta

Text excerpt in English from the adapted opera La Zingaretta by Leonardo Leo. The gypsy girl Lisetta is about to sing her aria, when she meets her intended lover for the first time: the self-centred Riccardo, who bursts in at the wrong moment and climbs onto the table.

She nearly broke my neck!
La Zingaretta

Text excerpt in English from the adapted opera La Zingaretta by Leonardo Leo. After making a pass at Lisetta, the vain Riccardo is beaten up by the gypsy girl.

Fantastic, it was amazing and funny!

Kevin Avio

What an enchanting performance! Very entertaining!

Karie Hicks

Absolutely brilliant!

Beverley Jones

Everyone enjoyed the eve so much. Well done!!!

Angela Struthers



Leonardo Leo

Director & Adapter

Maarten van der Duin


Stephen Ellery


Lukasz Biela
Suzanne Smart
Rhys Downing


Cardiff (Wales)
Leytonstone (London)
Buxton (Derbyshire)
Frome (Somerset)


Stephen Ellery
Lukasz Biela


June-August 2017


13 August 2017

Cardiff (Wales)

12 August 2017

Cardiff (Wales)

15 July 2017 | 7.30pm

Holy Trinity Church in Frome (Somerset)

14 July 2017 | 7.30pm

St. Mary's Church in Buxton (Derbyshire)

8 July 2017 | 7.40pm

St. John the Baptist Church in Leytonstone (Londen)

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