The film does not puff Erich Mielke up into a monster, but precisely exposes his perverse core: the desire for power and its abuse.

Lutz Pehnert

(ARD Information)

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A long overdue documentary, that proves how easily fear deprives people of their freedom.

Maria Ossowski

(RBB Culture Radio)

The subtitle of the commendable docudrama says Master of Fear. His passion was fear, he wanted to be feared.

Sven Felix Kellerhoff

(The World)

Mielke is still a phenomenon, whom the film examines sensitively

Maria Ossowski

(RBB Culture Radio)


Maarten finely feels the genre and style of the performance, its nature

Valentin Varetski

(artistic director)

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Generation of Change II

A real gem of historical cinema on a level, that is seldom reached on German television

Hendrik Steinkuhl

(Osnabrücker Zeitung)

The Story of the Netherlands

The Story of the Netherlands is more than a splendidly filmed national history lesson. It touches on something bigger.

Angela de Jong

(Journalist for Algemeen Dagblad)

Kids of Courage

You've succeeded in formulating the big themes of this episode in such clear terms, that every child can take something away.

Lene Neckel

(Children's and Family Programs, SWR)

Salto Mortale

Salto Mortale is an impressive film

Eveliene Sanders

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