Episode 7


The seventh episode of 13 in de oorlog (13 at War) is called Armed Resistance. In the beginning of the war Dutch resistance is limited to local protests and illegal newspapers. But during the occupation it gradually evolves into a massive organisation, that manages to hide and feed hundred thousands of persons in hiding and even doesn't shy away from using force. Meanwhile, Germany desperately needs manpower for their war industry and hopes to find workers in the occupied territories, like the Netherlands. Most Dutch men, however, aren't eager to go and about 250,000 of them go into hiding. They still have to eat, though, and food happens to be rationed. Official documents, like identity papers, ration cards and permits are therefore forged in large quantities. The 16-year-old Els from Haarlem takes a different approach: she robs a distribution centre to obtain real ration cards.

Um sorry, aren't you going to tie us up or knock us down?
Episode 7 Video

Videoclip from episode 7 of 13 in de Oorlog (13 at War). During a raid on a distribution office the resistance fighters are secretly helped by the employees.

Shoot! Shoot!
Episode 7 Video

Videoclip from episode 7 of 13 in de oorlog (13 at War). A young girl is assisting a resistance fighter with the liquidation of a Dutch traitor, but that gets completely out of hand.



Maarten van der Duin


Hein Hoffmann
Vincent Schuurman


Lisa Wade


Sigrid ten Napel
Hajo Bruins
Mads Wittermans
Ayal Oost
Thomas Deelen
Herman de Jongh
Geert Lageveen
Roel Goudsmit


Loes Wormmeester








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