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The Story of the Netherlands


The Story of the Netherlands is an ambitious television series in ten episodes, taking the viewers along the highs and lows of Dutch history from the ice age up to present day. Every 50-minute episode contains enacted scenes, interviews with renowned experts and reportages on authentic locations, which bring historical events and characters back to life and leave no black page unturned. About William of Orange, for example, who is listed as The Greatest Dutchman, but meanwhile needed a whole team of propagandists to make that happen. And about Flemish refugees, whose expertise and wealth highly contributed to the Golden Age in the Northern Netherlands, but who always felt homesick for Antwerp. The Story of the Netherlands is an enervating quest for a national identity and holds a mirror up to Dutch viewers to show them who they are and how they got there.

Excellent narrator, crisp text, strong storylines, vivid images. The Story of the Netherlands will write history!

Luc Panhuysen

(Historian & Journalist)

The end result is a magnificent and informative television series, in which Dutch history comes alive in ten episodes.

Nienke Schipper

(Journalist for Trouw)

History program The Story of the Netherlands is a runaway smash.

Julot Hobbensiefken

(Editor for Flair)

The Story of the Netherlands is more than a splendidly filmed national history lesson. It touches on something bigger.

Angela de Jong

(Journalist for Algemeen Dagblad)

The most beautiful series in ages.

Petra Dunnink

Dutch Interactive Award

The podwalks of The Story of the Netherlands were awarded in 2022 with the Golden Dutch Interactive Award in the category: content.

Guidinc. Streaming Video Award

The Story of the Netherlands received in 2022 the Guidinc. Streaming Video Award in the category: best documentary.



All 10 episodes

Maarten van der Duin


Lourens Blok
Nicole van Kilsdonk
Niek Koppen


Tuvalu Media
Pupkin Film






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