A never seen before virtuosity

Blaise de Chabalier

(Le Figaro)

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The madness of war has rarely been shown on television this closely.

Hauke Friederichs

(Time Online)

A moving and sometimes gripping documentary stitched into a powerful shared narrative. You had to remind yourself whose side you were on.

Phil Hogan

(The Guardian)

Ambition and virtuosity know no boundaries. We ride a rollercoaster of emotions, as if we are not supposed to understand history but rather to live it ourselves.

Hans Beerekamp

(NRC Handelsblad)

Kids of Courage

You have touched with your work not only children, but also the adults at the festival.

Lene Neckel

(Children's and Family Programs, SWR)

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Kids of Courage

A well balanced text between accessibility and precision


(German Audio Film Award 2020)

The Servant Wife

Wicked, great, funny, very enjoyable

Jill & Mike

La Zingaretta

Everyone enjoyed the eve so much. Well done!!!

Angela Struthers

The Story of the Netherlands

Very honestly depicted. It could not be told this way for a long time.

Jerry Piqué

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