Gripping, emotional, and real. A milestone for European television.

Lorenz Jäger

(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

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The madness of war has rarely been shown on television this closely.

Hauke Friederichs

(Time Online)

A moving and sometimes gripping documentary stitched into a powerful shared narrative. You had to remind yourself whose side you were on.

Phil Hogan

(The Guardian)

Ambition and virtuosity know no boundaries. We ride a rollercoaster of emotions, as if we are not supposed to understand history but rather to live it ourselves.

Hans Beerekamp

(NRC Handelsblad)

Kids of Courage

The result is incredibly strong. The series is gripping, maybe precisely because it manages without the usual horror images.

Jochen Voit

(South German Newspaper)

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The Story of the Netherlands

History brought alive at its best.

Imre Besanger


Long Day's Journey Into Night

Maarten hit the bull's eye with Long Day's Journey Into Night

P. Ptasjkin

The Story of the Netherlands

What a splendid script have you written. This period has never been described so vividly and tense. Really, respect!

Hasan Evrengün

(Senior Editor NTR)

The Story of the Netherlands

The Story of the Netherlands is more than a splendidly filmed national history lesson. It touches on something bigger.

Angela de Jong

(Journalist for Algemeen Dagblad)

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