The result is an extraordinary documentary, thrilling, instructive and multilayered

Alina Schwermer


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To watch this documentary is not a recommendation, it's an order.

Julia Frick

No feature movie could be better, more gripping and fascinating

Julia Frick

Slavery Junior

A series that we can rightfully be proud of

Bert Groenewoud


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La Zingaretta

What an enchanting performance! Very entertaining!

Karie Hicks

The Story of the Netherlands

The result is an impressive series in which drama and documentary are cleverly intertwined.

Roelf Jan Duin

(Journalist for Het Parool)

Kids of Courage

A well balanced text between accessibility and precision


(German Audio Film Award 2020)

Erich Mielke, Master of Fear

The film makes Mielke understandable as a human being with strengths and weaknesses


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