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(German Audio Film Award 2020)

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Kids of Courage

An outstanding, committed series


(Children's Media Award 2019 The White Elephant)

Kids of Courage

In an unexpectedly touching way the war is explained in very simple words.

Oliver Käver

(The Mirror)

Kids of Courage

Astonishing, with what simple means the creators put empathy and goodness at the centre.

Oliver Käver

(The Mirror)

The Story of the Netherlands

A daring script, but historically correct

Prof. Dr. James Kennedy


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The Servant Wife

What a joy! A fantastic experience

Rosie & Gerry

Your drama part is really strong! The script has touched me.

Lene Neckel

(Children's and Family Programs, SWR)

Generation of Change II

The general despair, the unbelievable chaos after the collapse of the Soviet Union has never been depicted so well as here by director Maarten van der Duin

Hendrik Steinkuhl

(Osnabrücker Zeitung)

La Zingaretta

Absolutely brilliant!

Beverley Jones

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