The play is directed perfectly

Anna Kondrasjova


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Maarten hit the bull's eye with Long Day's Journey Into Night

P. Ptasjkin

Kids of Courage

A well balanced text between accessibility and precision


(German Audio Film Award 2020)

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The Story of the Netherlands

I am very pleased with both program format and content. Congratulations!

Prof. Nico Roymans

(Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Erich Mielke, Master of Fear

A long overdue documentary, that proves how easily fear deprives people of their freedom.

Maria Ossowski

(RBB Culture Radio)

La Zingaretta

What an enchanting performance! Very entertaining!

Karie Hicks

The Story of the Netherlands

The Story of the Netherlands is the very, very most amusing history class.

Erik Jonk

(Reporter for daily newspaper Metro)

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