The various storylines are cleverly intertwined

Carel Kuyl

(Editor-in-Chief NTR)

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A series that we can rightfully be proud of

Bert Groenewoud


Salto Mortale

Salto Mortale is an impressive film

Eveliene Sanders

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The Story of the Netherlands

A smart storyline and convincing combination of acting, commentary and expert observations.

Prof. Oscar Gelderblom

(University of Utrecht)

Erich Mielke, Master of Fear

A long overdue documentary, that proves how easily fear deprives people of their freedom.

Maria Ossowski

(RBB Culture Radio)

14 Diaries of World War One

An exceptional, marvellous testimony of the First World War


14 Diaries of World War One

The madness of war has rarely been shown on television this closely.

Hauke Friederichs

(Time Online)

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