What a joy! A fantastic experience

Rosie & Gerry

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The opera was full of comedy and refreshingly accessible to all! Please do more!


Immense pleasure for ears, eyes and heart

Side-splittingly funny and brilliantly performed

Brian Cook

Wicked, great, funny, very enjoyable

Jill & Mike

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The Story of the Netherlands

What an intense story... and what a tremendously, cleverly made series.

Sander Bijl

13 at War

An exceptional program that has never been made in this way before and has surprised us most

Jury Report

The Story of the Netherlands

What a splendid script have you written. This period has never been described so vividly and tense. Really, respect!

Hasan Evrengün

(Senior Editor NTR)

The Story of the Netherlands

What a beautiful, expressive text! Congratulations! That makes curious for more.

Prof. Dr. Marco Mostert

(Professor Medieval History)

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