To watch this documentary is not a recommendation, it's an order.

Julia Frick

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No feature movie could be better, more gripping and fascinating

Julia Frick

The result is an extraordinary documentary, thrilling, instructive and multilayered

Alina Schwermer


Kids of Courage

The result is incredibly strong. The series is gripping, maybe precisely because it manages without the usual horror images.

Jochen Voit

(South German Newspaper)

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14 Diaries of World War One

A story of the destruction and the future of television.

South German Newspaper

Kids of Courage

You've succeeded in formulating the big themes of this episode in such clear terms, that every child can take something away.

Lene Neckel

(Children's and Family Programs, SWR)

Mothers & Daughters

The intention of the makers can be called a success

Wim de Jong


La Zingaretta

What an enchanting performance! Very entertaining!

Karie Hicks

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